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Together with Digital Accelerator of Latvia digitize daily processes, implement pilot projects, create cross-sectoral digitization cooperation, improve digital skills and implement international partnerships in digitization.

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Rīga region

(Rīga State city, Jūrmala State city, Ādaži region, Ķekava region, Mārupe region, Olaine region, Ropaži region, Salaspils region, Sigulda region)

Kurzeme I region

(Liepāja State city, Dienvidkurzeme region, Kuldīga region, Saldus region)

Kurzeme II region

(Ventspils State city, Talsi region, Tukums region, Ventspils region)

Zemgale region

(Jelgava State city, Aizkraukle region, Bauska region, Dobele region, Jelgava region, Jēkabpils region)

Vidzeme region

(Alūksne region, Cēsis region, Gulbene region, Limbaži region, Madona region, Ogre region, Smiltene region, Valka region, Valmiera region, Varakļāni region)

Latgale region

(Rēzekne State city, Daugavpils State city, Augšdaugava region, Balvi region, Krāslava region, Līvāni region, Ludza region, Preiļi region, Rēzekne region)

Services and support

Pre-investment testing

  • We audit the digitization status of organizations. 
  • We develop digital transformation strategies (initial validation, digital roadmap development, as well as digital product, service development and process digitization project preparation). 
  • We develop new digitization projects & provide technological consultations
  • We perform prototyping and testing, by providing experiments with digital technologies and access to testing and experimentation equipment and software.

Training and skills development

  • We implement training and skills development classes. 
  • We organize both intensive digital skills courses for highly qualified company employees (MI, HPC, cyber security, etc.) and digital transformation courses for company management. 
  • We also provide introductory courses and internships in digital innovation field to promote digitization and strengthen the ecosystem.

Attracting funding

  • We attract financing from financial institutions, investors and European Union funds. 
  • We provide funding strategy consultations, project preparation and monitoring.

Innovation ecosystems and networking

  • We promote the development of the innovation ecosystem and networking activities. 
  • We organize activities to promote legislative changes, local and international roadshows, thematic digital transformation and innovation events, and ensure international cooperation.

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European Union project “Digital Accelerator of Latvia (DAoL)”, ID no. 101083718 is designed to promote digital transformation and innovation to improve the competitiveness of Latvian companies and the quality of public services, using new digital solutions to increase investment in ICT technology research and development.

Project description

What are European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIHs)?

The European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIHs) initiative is part of the Digital Europe Programme. EDIHs function as one-stop shops for companies, businesses and small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), enabling them to respond to digital challenges in a more coherent way, and increasing their competitiveness. EDIHs target emerging technology awareness and capacity-building, enhancing the uptake and deployment of AI (Artificial Intelligence), HPC (high performance computing), and cybersecurity for the public and private sector alike.

Co-financed by the European Union project "Digital Accelerator of Latvia", DAoL, ID no. 101083718 and the European Union Recovery and Resilience Facility plan ID Nr. 

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